The Ad Campaign to Save America!

The Ad Campaign to Save America!

Saturday, December 12, 2015


One day in the not too distant future. Our past is finally catching up with U.S. 

The headlines scream that by the next presidential election, “whites” will be a minority in the USA...even among eligible voters.

Some scholars say it’s the beginning of the end of “The White Era”, the welcome twilight of a culture built on the myth of racial supremacy, unlimited greed, mechanized murder and the worship of technology and growth. They see it as a chance to finally end the American “skinocracy” and create a society where “all humans are treated equal”. 

Others say it’s time to double-down on “traditional American values”, close more borders, invent smarter machines, more deadly weapons, and conquer and exploit the oceans and outer space. They say build taller walls between the haves, the have-a-littles and the have-nothings. They promise once again to “Take America Back”.  They don’t say back to exactly where.

A group calling itself WSA (White States of America) writes its White Declaration of Independence saying it's seceding from the Union to form an all-white nation. Then 13 U.S. governors disappear and a note threatening to hang them as traitors thickens the plot. 

Boyd Billings is a cynical, spoiled, star adman who thinks he can “brand” anything. But when his ad agency is given the assignment to counteract centuries of selling the idea of white supremacy and to sell the nation on a new, full-color image of itself, he seems stumped. 

"Brand New Race" tells how Boyd and an eclectic cohort of strange bedfellows scramble to meet the challenge...before it’s too late. It’s race against time, against our past and against humanity’s worst instincts. 

The winner’s prize? The survival of the human species.