The Ad Campaign to Save America!

The Ad Campaign to Save America!

Monday, March 9, 2015


Boyd couldn't  believe he'd already been in the office 3 hours. But the clock on the wall never lied.

He only had about 40 minutes left to pull together his ideas before the big meeting. Although he had some stuff that were contenders, he still hasn't come up with the big D - the Devastator - the concept that would make his would-be competitors tremble, go blind and disintegrate into pile of sawdust...or melt like the Wicked Witch.

So when he heard the knock he just said "go way". But it wasn't just a knock. It was a more of a drum riff - like something Art Blakey did. So he knew it wouldn't stop.

"OK, you bleepin moron, come in. But don't say a word 'cause I've got a showdown at the corral in 20 minutes. I'm loading my guns."

A tall skinny guy with a big, fat grin walked in.

"Hear the latest?"

"Look man, did you hear me? I can't talk."

"You don't have to. Listen.

Texas just announced it was succeeding from the Union"

"Succeeding? Where did you go to school idiot? It's SECEDING"

"OK Mr. Hawkins, SECEDING...But the NewYorkTimes just reported the governor of Texas has announced they're leaving the union"

"What union, the United Auto Workers? The Teamsters? It couldn't be the teachers."

"The United States of America. Boy, where'd you go to school?"

"I didn't....but I can buy and sell your skinny, sorry ass a thousand times. Come on dude, you broke in here and stopped me on my quest for the neutron bomb of ad campaigns to announce that Texas is threatening to leave the union again? They've been doing that since they lost the Civil War."

"But this time, it looks like they're serious. They just held a press conference and they're all standing in front of this humongous flag with the giant letters WSA on it. They say it stands for the White States of America"

"Is it a white flag."

"Yeah. Why."

"Then...they're  serious."

Copyright, Lowell Thompson Creates, 2015


  1. More more we wanton e story teasing us

  2. Don't worry Chet. There's lots more where this came from. But be sure to forward this to all your friends and relatives. We don't want them to remain in about what's really going on in America. Right?

  3. Saw your cards on the train tonight. I didn't pick one up, but was intrigued and Google led me here. Is there a place to read more?

  4. Meredith,

    Not yet. But I'm planning on introducing Book 1 of "Brand New Race" at Chicago Book Expo on Nov. 21, 2015. It will be at Columbia College again this year. Thanks for your interest. And tell your book loving friends.