The Ad Campaign to Save America!

The Ad Campaign to Save America!

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Here at last! Brand New Race is here at last!

Just in time for Black History Month (which I'm 
re-naming American Truth Month -ATM).

As far as I know, BNR is both the world's
First Shirt Pocket Novel and the world's
only First Draft Novel.

I'm having my book release party tonight
here in Chi. If you'd like to be the first kid
on your block to get a copy, send a check/money
order or cash for $8 to:

Lowell Thompson
P.O. Box 408343
Chicago, IL 60640-8343

Or to me via PayPal:

Be sure to include your mailing address.
You should receive your copy within 7 days
from my receipt of your payment.
And Thanks.


Btw:I can hardly wait for your reaction.

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